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Harassment while gaming online

Online gaming has attracted various audiences all over the world and is one the most important sector in the gaming world but with this online platform of entertainment come real harassment, hate, and discrimination problems, three of four online gamers reported in a survey that the harassments were severe.

According to the latest research, 74% of people are harassed in different ways in online gaming. People are being harassed due to who they are, what are their beliefs and where they belong from, a Jewish player reported that he was harassed by someone in an unnamed game by telling him that he belongs to Auschwitz.

Similarly, an African American online gamer is harassed because of sounding black. It has become very common that whenever a player comes online he is being harassed through threats and abusive messages.

The number of games like Defence of the Ancients DOTA 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Overwatch and League of Legends was reported as the top games that have the most number of harassment cases.

53% of people have reported that while being online they have been called with unacceptable names and are harassed on the basis of religion, caste, color, identity, and gender.

Other than this, 29% of peoples reported that their personal information was leaked without their consent. According to a survey it was revealed that many online gamers were exposed to hateful propaganda.

Some time the harassment is not gender-oriented and some time it is ,40 percent of women reported harassment based on their gender at the same time a search revealed that 23 percent of people reported that they heard others discussing superiority of whites and inferiority of non whites but as it is said that every cloud has a silver lining around 80 percent people reported positive interaction for following games Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and NBA 2K18.

Jewish Agency chief Isaac Herzog once said in his speed to Jewish leader “The real dirt of the world comes up from the killing fields of social media,” he said, describing social platforms as a collective “hotbed of the lunatics of the world.”

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