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Alexa can now speak in Spanish in US

The previous month, Amazon during its hardware event in Seattle announced that the company will soon come up with the multi-lingual modes for its Alexa devices in the countries including Canada, US, and India. Following the new mode in hand, the smart devices will be able to speak a number of languages including a combination of Hindi and English, English and Spanish and French and English in their respective countries.

Today, the online retailer has announced that the multi-lingual mode for U.S. speakers has been made officially live across the country and this will allow Alexa-powered devices users to communicate with the smart assistants in Spanish and English in the US. Amazon besides this also announced that users can also set Alexa to speak only Spanish in the Alexa app settings.

Following the new language support, there are reports that developers will now work towards building skills for the platform that target Spanish language speakers. The experience features Alexa’s new Spanish voice, plus local information, hundreds of Spanish skills from Univision and Telemundo, and more.

There are reports that users in US who will wish to communicate with Alexa in Spanish, will be able to switch to Spanish mode in the Alexa app. They can then speak in Spanish with Alexa to get news, weather, monitor their smart home devices, set up reminders, and activate skills.

The best about the new feature is the addition of the multi-lingual mode option in the Alexa enabled devices in the US. The users will now be able to successfully switch between Spanish and English.

Suppose you want to ask Alexa about the weather conditions in English, then Alexa will speak in English and if you will ask about the weather in Spanish, Alexa will reply in Spanish.

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