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Game of fortnite with celebrity player: T&C applied

Tyler’ Ninja’ Blevins has become an internet sensation with 14.5 million followers on Instagram and 4 million fan base in twitch. This live ‘fortnite’ streamer has become a dream playmate for all his gamer fans. When this accomplished gamer celebrity streamer gave away his number via twitter, his fans dream of being in touch with him came true. But what his fans missed was the terms and conditions that came with this surprise.

Marketing schefan’ sme or socializing?

Tyler Blevins’ Ninja’ is running his outreach program through a company called ‘community.’ When his fans tried to reach him, they got a reply in the form of a crafted message which asked them to sign up, after which they will get notifications and alerts, not from ‘Ninja’ but his social media representatives.

Below the form which his fans were asked to fill, was a long list of terms and conditions; which when read carefully might result in a total turn off for his fans.

Following are the actual results of sign up and facts into which the fans are getting themselves into:

  • Fans will agree to receive automated alerts from the public relations team of ‘Ninja.
  • The company ‘Community’ can impersonate the celebrity to the fans
  •  The messages may look as if the star sent it, but in reality, it may be sent to them by the manager of public relations.
  •  The messages are not confidential, and the number is sent by the company (Community) and not ‘Ninja’ himself, which means you cannot personally contact him.
  •  The company tends to collect data from its users. The information would include your IP address, location, choice of device, etc.
  • The company may use the name of ‘Ninja’ to sell its products.
    Celebrities usually do such public stunts to gain attention from their fans, but one must always be prudent before falling for any of these words.
  • Albeit, ‘Ninja’ tweeted that he will be in personal touch with his fans, his fans must be careful about what they are getting themselves into.

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