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Epic will allow you to watch Live Fornite World Cup Stream whilst playing the game itself

We do know about various game developers who happen to develop tools that are for watching various e-sports competitions live online. One of the finest examples would be Blizzard for watching the Overwatch League.

However, the new Fortnite World Cup event would be streamed live by Epic where the full picture in picture streaming feature would be available for the users to keep up with the live events of Fornite supposedly. Via this way, you can keep up with the live competition feed as well as play the game, if the live match isn’t enough for you.

Epic showed off their new features and released a schedule for each and every match for the three-day tournament. It would also show the streamers, the number of fan activities, celebrity pro-am competition, as well as a fair amount of pre-show analysis of who would win each of the matches

Epic would be one of the first application websites where you would be able to watch the live stream as well as play the game as per your requirements. It demands the feedback of its users in order to know about how well it is able to blend in with the interface of Fortnite.

The us`er can opt-out of the picture in picture feature and Epic will supposedly remember your choice for the next time. The user will again be able to switch on the feature if he feels like to watch the live stream and do not get disturbed by any pre-show stuff. The live cast would be without any subtitles and that too in English, however, Epic would be pointing the fans on to for the localized content. Looks like Epic is pointing more towards the accessibility and language support feature

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