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Apple Faces a New Privacy Violation Lawsuit

A new case has been filed against Apple for violating its user’s privacy. The allegation is that Siri, an Apple service, records the user’s voice without consent. Apple has retaliated to the accusation by suspending the Siri grading program globally. The lawsuit originated after The Guardian reported that analyzers hired by Apple to evaluate the performance of Siri claimed to regularly hear secret interactions.

The Cupertino giant suspended Siri soon after Apple Insider spotted the lawsuit. The lawsuit is based on the accusation that Apple did not inform customers regarding the supposed recording, which is a privacy infringement.

This lawsuit has emerged not too late after Amazon’s Alexa was accused of voice recordings. This lawsuit emerged after Bloomberg reported that Alexa’s voice recordings are heard by thousands of people. This review was done to improve the accuracy of Alexa. However, customers were not informed that this would happen, being a privacy infringement and deception.

Basically, Siri sends voice requests to Apple’s voice-recognition servers, which is saved by Apple for up to six months – primarily to improve Siri’s efficiency. The voice is not attached to the user’s specific Apple ID. Some of the recordings can end up in Apple’s records for over 2 years. The privacy of users gets affected when these voices are reviewed by human reviewers – a process Apple has followed in the past.

The problematic part is that the name of the requester is transferred and saved in Apple’s servers, which can potentially harm the respective person.

Currently, Apple has refused to pass any official statement about the matter or to comment on the lawsuit. This refusal has occurred despite a request from Business Insider for an official statement.

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