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September is just around the corner and Apple is all set to launch new iPhones just like the previous year’s iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

The upcoming phones would however still have lightning charging port and obviously, the headphone jack would not be present likewise. However, some of the Apple watchers do believe that the company might just progress in the same route into switching to the USB Type-C ports, as it has been applied on the latest iPad Pro

The phone will have the latest Topic Engine where the replacement of the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch for the Apple iPhone would be made, just like in the older models of 6s. This progress is still not sure but it can be assumed that the Topic Engine Methodology would be applied on to the same soon since this happens to be one of the most interesting features to be ever applied on an iPhone.

As for the cameras, the front-facing one would now be able to capture slow-motion videos at 120 FPS. The recent rumors are telling the people that the XS and XS Max would be having three back cameras when the replacement comes along. One of the cameras would handle wide-angle images which will apparently allow the user to tweak the framing of the photo or the video likewise. This extra feature would be available within the phone for a limited time of course, before removing the same for privacy reasons

The upcoming new handsets would be there to have the same screen resolution just like the older models of the iPhones. However, the most surprising news is that the latest iPhones would be having the latest chipset too, that is, Apple’s latest A13 chip

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